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We Provide Physical Therapy For Both Acute & Chronic Conditions & Injuries

Orthopedic & Sports Injuries

Back Pain

Knee & Hip Pain

Shoulder, Neck & Arm Pain

What Our Patients Are Saying

"Amazing. It is hard to find a great physio but Craig is one of them. Uses all the tools and techniques, with the latest thinking to get you back to optimal fitness. In 3-4 months I have improved mobility and movement which has eliminated recurring muscle spasms. Plus a recent muscle tear that had me limping for 3 weeks was worked on and I was immediately back training the next day. Highly recommended!"
gareth jones
Gareth Jones
"I am a professional tennis player and I am no stranger to injuries. I’m also pretty sure I’ve seen every PT on the planet, and Craig is undoubtedly THE MOST OBSESSED with figuring out the root of the problem. He is probably better at diagnosing injuries than most orthopedists. He genuinely cares about your progress and will go above and beyond in order to ensure improvement."
Stephanie Kent
Stephanie Kent

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