Insurance & Pricing

Yes, We Accept Insurance

We are an out-of-network physical therapy provider. We provide both outpatient and in-home services. In many cases you are likely to have the same copay or deductible that you would have at an in-network provider. The difference is that you will get one-on-one treatment every time. 

Hourly Pricing Without Insurance (Outpatient & In-Home Care)

1-On-1 Physical Therapy
(1 Hour)

$175 Outpatient / $Call In-Home

This is a fully comprehensive treatment session designed to utilize all available therapeutic resources to restore your natural balance and relieve pain.

Your therapist will complete a total body assessment and treat your movement dysfunction using a variety of techniques, including massage, modalities, myofascial release, therapeutic exercises, and multi-tissue mobilizations.


“Quick Fix” Tissue Restoration
(30 Minutes)

$90 Outpatient / $Call In-Home

This is a shortened session that allows clients to obtain quicker results that fit better into a busy lifestyle. This treatment incorporates the use of modalities, massage, myofascial release, as well as soft and deep tissue mobilizations to reduce localized joint and muscle pain. 

It is designed for those who are experiencing trigger point discomfort, muscle knots, single joint pain and soreness from a workout. It also works well to optimize tissue pliability before exercising to gain the maximum benefit from your trainer session.

Dry Needling
(15 Minutes)

$80 Outpatient / $Call In-Home

One of our most popular services. Dry needling is a state-of-the-art technique that has the potential to provide immediate relief. Tiny needles are used to release muscular inflammation, trigger points, spasms, and tight muscles.

Dry needling is a quick treatment the provides very effective results. Dry needles can also be connected to electrical stimulation for a deep muscular relief unlike any other.


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